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<p><center>Phebe Chan</center><b></b>

Phebe Chan

Phebe Chan (陈 非 比) is a business advisor and lawyer. She is the founder and managing partner of Phebe Chan Law Corporation. Prior to establishing PCLC*, Phebe provided legal work through local, national, and international law firms for over 10 years.

Phebe takes joy in growing with clients in diverse industries. Her strategic and savvy hands-on personality involves her with client’s enterprises even before they require “traditional” legal work because she actively contributes in her client’s internal business teams. In particular, she assists international companies with Canadian business establishment and corporate expansion activities, including going public in Canada.

Furthermore, Phebe is well-known as an expert in immigration matters. She provides the full range of Canadian immigration and citizenship services and specializes in work permits for international companies. She previously established the Vancouver immigration department for the world’s largest law firm.

Phebe is also a litigator. She has represented clients in: trials by judge and jury, court of appeal and arbitration. She represents clients in immigration detention hearings, meditations, and appeals, as well as Federal Court judicial reviews.

Within the community, Phebe is a Director of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and Vice-President of the Allard Law Alumni Association. She holds both a Commerce degree (Sauder School of Business) and a Law degree (Peter A. Allard Law School) from the University of British Columbia.

陈非比(Phebe Chan)是商业顾问和律师。她是PHEBE CHAN律师公司(PCLC)的创立者及执行。

在2000年,Phebe就是一家上市国际科技公司的投资关系和公共关系總監。2005年起她在国家和国际律师事务所担任法律顾问。Phebe经常被要求提供政府政策建议,媒体评论,以及关于国际 商业投资和法律策略资讯。

Phebe是英属哥伦比亚大学(University of British Columbia)法学院校友会最年轻的副会长,也是列治文商会最年轻的董事,主持政策倡导委员会。她拥有英国哥伦比亚大学的商业学士学位和法律学位。

<p><center>Mouane Sengsavang</center>

Mouane Sengsavang

Mouane Sengsavang is a lawyer who mainly advises issuers in respect of public and private securities financings, as well as initial public offerings, reverse takeovers, plans of arrangement, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate reorganizations. Ms. Sengsavang was called to the Bar of British Columbia, the Bar of Alberta and the Bar of Ontario. Ms. Sengsavang has served as a director of a TSX Venture Exchange-listed biotechnology company and corporate secretary of a number of public companies.

<p><center>Sarah D Marquis</center>

Sarah D Marquis

Sarah D Marquis recently worked as a senior advisor to the Federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, resulting in a deep range of contacts and knowledge to provide various services for international companies.

Sarah has completed a Bachelor of Journalism and Political Science (combined honours) and has a Master of Arts from the University of Ottawa.

Sarah is a business consultant, with proven stakeholder and policy development skills. At every stage of her professional career, she has been effectively served political, private sector and diverse broadcast audiences. During her 7 years of experience in the media, she delivered accurate and detailed messages, usually within tight deadlines, across virtually all media, through her work as a radio and television journalist for CBC/Radio-Canada. She also relies on thorough statistical analysis drawing on available research, market intelligence and internal data.

Sarah is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. She also speaks German and Mandarin.

<p><center>Susana Santa Maria</center>

Susana Santa Maria

Susana Santa Maria is a professional specialized in Canadian Immigration Law and member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Susana completed her Immigration Consultant Diploma at Ashton College.

Prior to immigrating to Canada, Susana worked for 10 years as a lawyer in Mexico. Susana received her law degree from the Universidad Latioamericana in Mexico City.

Susana is fluent in English and Spanish.

<p><center>Vanessa Loughlin</center>

Vanessa Loughlin

Vanessa Loughlin is a paralegal specialized in Canadian Immigration Law and is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Vanessa has a Paralegal Diploma from Capilano University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as Certificate in Immigration: Laws, Policies and Procedures, Immigration from the University of British Columbia. 

Prior to obtaining her Immigration Certificate, Vanessa traveled extensively and worked in the immigration division of the Canadian embassy in Beijing.

Vanessa is fluent in English and French.

<p><center>Jane Kuang</center>

Jane Kuang
Jane Kuang is a certified legal administrative assistant who provides legal administrative and research services for PCLC. She completed her Bachelors degree in Business Administration at Simon Fraser University and is also currently studying in the paralegal certificate program at Vancouver Community College. She is originally from Kuming, Yunnan, China.
Jane is fluent in both Mandarin and English.
<p><center>Aviva Yang</center>

Aviva Yang

Aviva Yang is our office assistant who provides general administration and translation services for PCLC. She is also Treasurer Assistant of the Vancouver Sunshine Lions Club in Richmond. Originally from Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, she immigrated to Canada in 2008.

Aviva is fluent in both Mandarin and English.


“An very energetic advisor with a wide scope of skills to help any company or individual hit the ground running in Vancouver. Her business network and ability to harness people within it for mutual benefit is impressive — a rare gem amongst the may lawyers I have met.”
Nicholas S.
“Phebe is the epitome of “strategic partner”… Her expertise proved to be invaluable when we were in need of guidance and information when hiring in Vancouver. She not only helped dozens of employees, but also was instrumental in educating our clients and business leaders about the Canadian immigration process and what they needed to be sensitive to. She excels at being able to know who/where/what/how to ask to ensure that the right person gets the right answer.”
Shamean R.
“Not only did she ensure the task at hand was completed time and time again with efficiency, regardless of the encountered difficulties. She also always managed to carry the absolute utmost level of professionalism making my job a whole lot easier.”
Collin B.
“Phebe is one of the best lawyers I have had the privilege to work with. She is highly knowledgeable in any immigration issue and always willing to help with a friendly smile. She is resourceful, methodical and pays attention to every bit of detail with great care in building a solid case.”
Aruna S.
“Phebe was knowledgeable and efficient at getting the job done. Her ability to resolve immigration issues while recognizing the business urgency makes her a great asset to any company whose worldwide operations need to transfer skills.”
Jim M.